Born & Bred in NYC

 Supporting local commerce and manufacturing

Niki English is a New York based handbag company that was created to bridge the gap between luxury & street style. The result: handbags that are inspired by the streets of New York & the women who live there.

The VERTIGO Collection is inspired by the architectural diversity of New York, and the lives of the women who live there. As designers, part of what drives us are the dichotomies found in design philosophy — light vs dark, hard vs soft, smooth vs texture. Living in New York, every moment is a sensory overload of pattern and perception. The VERTIGO  Collection evokes the smooth angular lines of the city’s architecture, and the pebbled leather gives a sense of grit. The best architecture is designed to be beautiful and yet highly functional —  the Vertigo Collection is designed with these same principles. Balancing function with aesthetics, it actively shapes the way we move through daily life, adapting itself to changing needs throughout the day.

The company's vision is to empower women to challenge the current state of the industry by seeking locally manufactured product. The brand focuses on lasting partnerships with manufacturers in New York City's Garment District. 


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